An Honest™ Climate Change Debate

An Honest™ Climate Change Debate

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The Great Reset is upon us, suited in the full armor of mainstream climate change theory.

The importance of our understanding of climate change cannot be understated. It is a primary influence on the direction of humanity, and perhaps could lead to the end of humanity.

Today we debate mainstream climate change theory. Are Klaus Schwaub, Justin Trudeau, and Joe Biden right? Do human's have a substantive impact? Or, perhaps more concerning, is this all a big farce?

co-host Mike is blazing enormous 'climate consensus' weaponry alongside names such as Wallace S. Broecker, James E. Hansen, and Phil D. Jones. DG is attempting to usurp Mike's culturally-dominant position with the rebelliousness of skeptics such as Lennart O. Bengtsson, John R. Christy, and Judith A. Curry.

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