Ben Westhoff and Fentanyl, Inc.

Ben Westhoff and Fentanyl, Inc.

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In 2019 Ben Westoff released the book Fentanyl, Inc., in which he details his undercover trip to Wuhan, China, where he blew the lid off of China’s clandestine drug war on the West. The massive success of this book landed him not only a best seller but also a spot on the Joe Rogan Experience, a writing gig for The Atlantic, and a spot amongst the visible figures of the harm reduction movement alongside people like Dr Carl Hart. If it weren't for COVID, Fentanyl, Inc. may have been the most important book of 2020. Now that COVID is over, the fentanyl epidemic has gotten worse. Today we talk with Ben Westhoff about his journey, his philosophy on drugs, and his unexpected success as a harm reduction icon and advocate.

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Ben Westhoff

Ben Westhoff

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