Biden's Pequod, and the White Whale, Nick Fuentes

Biden's Pequod, and the White Whale, Nick Fuentes

Aristotle, Socrates, Plato next on chopping block

Show notes

Nick Fuentes got banned from everything and so did your parietal lobe.

We are entering the Joe Biden Presidency and to kick it off we start with the “attempted right-wing coup” of the Capitol Building. Donald J. Trump, Nick Fuentes, Baked Alaska, Michael Flynn, have been completely purged from Facebook, Instagram, DLive, Twitter, and every other major social media platform. Parler is off of the app store and Google Play. BitChute is persona non grata in your DMs.

The House is Democrat, the Senate is Democrat, the Presidency is as Democrat as Joe Biden's dentures.

Come with us as we try to digest the completely non-hypocritical viewpoints of the main stream media and their coverage of the Capitol Building in Washington DC.

This is The Cave of Time and we are all….. The Bad Guys

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