Bill C-36: neverending battle against the internet's hate

Bill C-36: neverending battle against the internet's hate

Show notes

On June 22nd, 2021 Canada passed Bill C-10 in an attempt to regulate how Canadians broadcast and consume media on the internet. Recently, a further iteration of this legislation, Bill C-36, has come under fire. With Justin Trudeau at the helm, Canadian politicians argue and bicker over what reach the Canadian government should have, and how vigilant must they be in order to combat the never-ending threat of HATE. Bill C-10 and Bill C-16 may not be law yet, but some piece of legislation regarding the taming of the internet seems inevitable. Today we discuss the possible repercussions of these not-so-uniquely Canadian laws, and what they mean in a post-nationalist country... where Hate has No Nome.

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