FEAR BIG TECH (Brave New World? 1984? Fahrenheit 451?)- Demonic Presence at Unsafe Levels

FEAR BIG TECH (Brave New World? 1984? Fahrenheit 451?)- Demonic Presence at Unsafe Levels

Show notes

Big Tech and its censorship are trending topics, but they need even greater attention.

We hear about the targeting of famous right-wing, conservative figures like Jack Posobiec, Laura Loomer, Mike Cernovich, Nick Fuentes, Gavin McInnes, Milo Yiannopolous, Stefan Molyneux, and Alex Jones. But what about Ricky Vaughn, and the too many other anonymous accounts to be remembered-- entire online communities-- continuing to be dumped into history’s dustbin? We were told the internet would bring us freedom, instead we’re seeing new forms of thought control.

In addition to the banning and censorship of specific individuals, groups, sentiments, and ideas, tech companies control our virtual environment by means of shadow banning, deboosting, search engine manipulation, persuasive design, and biased enforcement of their terms of service, code of conduct, and community standards.

By way of daunting network effects, huge financial war-chests, and powerful friends in politics and industry, companies like Alphabet Inc. (Google, YouTube), Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit, have established veritable monopolies in governing our online public square.

Will Trump’s executive order have any impact? Is the landscape of social media a public forum? should First Amendment rights be imposed on social media companies?

Figureheads like Andrew Torba, and Bill Ottman think they can, but can alternative platforms like Gab (Gab.com), Bitchute, Parler, and Voat stand a chance?

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