Debate: Is Biden a Better Choice for Conservatives?

Debate: Is Biden a Better Choice for Conservatives?

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We're 38 days away from the US presidential election; and only 5 days from the first debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Ahead of the Killstream debate between Biden-supporting Richard Spencer, and Trump-supporting Styx Hexenhammer, COT hosts their own debate between a Trump supporter and a Biden supporter. Mike from COT will be arguing that Biden is the best choice for Conservative voters (yes, you read that right). To refute the claim is James W, hot off the heels of his Modern Day Debate stream where he also argued in favor of a Trump presidency. Should America Build Back Better by Ridin' with Biden, or Keep America Great by re-electing Trump? Get ready for COT's first-ever debate stream.

EDIT: James W no-showed, instead we have ForsakenLogic stepping up to the plate. Mike, feel more than free to edit all this bc I gotta run.

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