Fugitive 3: Brian Laundrie (the guy that killed Gabby Petito)

Fugitive 3: Brian Laundrie (the guy that killed Gabby Petito)

Show notes

White boy summer officially comes to a close and the case of missing girl Gabby Petito catches fire as the world of tik tok becomes obsessed with the IRL true crime mystery. Mainstream media shows up late to the party to cry racism as the FBI tries to take credit for the work of some random strangers on the internet. And, Brian Laundrie drives all the way back to Florida before realizing he forgot his girlfriend in the woods and decides to go for a long walk to think over his options. What has happened? Only the online mediums can know for sure but the rest of us are waiting with baited breath for Tommy Lee Jones to come out of retirement to track down the missing piece of the puzzle.

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