JF Gariepy & The Revolutionary Phenotype

JF Gariepy & The Revolutionary Phenotype

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Jean François Gariépy, fondly known on the internet as JF, is a French Canadian scientist, author, podcaster, and storied Youtuber. He is currently the host of JFG Tonight where he discusses science, news, and politics with his unique perspective.

Today we are talking about his book, The Revolutionary Phenotype: The Amazing Story of how Life Begins and how it Ends. The book utilizes JF's expertise in the field of biology to extend and ammend Darwin's theory of evolution, Dawkin's Extended Phenotype and The Selfish Gene, and attacks the entire field of Memetics championed by thinkers such as Daniel Dennett and Susan Blackmore.

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JF Gariepy

JF Gariepy

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