Paris Terror Attack

Paris Terror Attack

The beheading of Samuel Paty by ‘Aboulakh A’ outside of Paris, France

Show notes

In navigating the minefield of terms, topics, and perspectives blacklisted and deboosted by various tech companies, it is challenging to provide an episode description focusing on our headline topic.

We are covering the beheading of Samuel Paty by Chechen ‘Aboulakh A’ outside of Paris, France, which president Emmanuel Macron deemed an ‘Islamist terror attack’. The killing echoes previous turmoil in France, namely the Charlie Hebdo shooting and the Bataclan theatre massacre.

In the grab bag portion we discuss tech censorship: Twitter banning the Team Trump Twitter account, Disney adding racism warnings to their classic films, Diddy’s new black-only political party, and Nuke Bizzle who allegedly amassed 1.2 million dollars in fraudulent Covid-relief benefit claims.

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