r/exmuslim: The Interview

r/exmuslim: The Interview

What do we do in the wake of Terror?

Show notes

In the wake of the terrible attack on Samuel Paty, President Emmanuel Macron has said that France’s battle against Islamic terrorism is “existential”. Earlier this week Charlie Hebdo cartoons were projected onto town halls in Montpellier and Toulouse. The world waits worried about what comes next. But where are the once loud voices that brought the conversation of criticism of Islam into the mainstream consciousness. After Four Horsemen of the Non-Apocalypse disbanded, why has no one risen to take on their mantle? Perhaps there is nothing left to say, or perhaps the modern state of the algorithm will not allow for civil discussion of difficult subjects on the big platforms.

If you did not notice because of the controversial content, our last podcast on THE PARIS TERROR ATTACK was banned off of YouTube and went viral on another video platform that must not be named. We must refrain from any non pc, offensive content for a 90 day period or risk being banned off YouTube forever.

Today our guest is a member of the apostate community. Anon redditor Jafar joins us to talk about, the choice to leave Islam and the future for the members of the religion in a world where polarized left-right politics leaves little room for a nuance.

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