Real Fascism: interview with preeminent fascist, Cultured Thug

Real Fascism: interview with preeminent fascist, Cultured Thug

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The Fascist/Third Positionist, Cultured Thug, joins us for a wide-ranging discussion on Fascism and Third Position political philosophies: from the seminal thought of Giovanni Gentile and Mario Palmieri, to the Fascist regimes of Italy and Germany, and finally, the current state and future of Fascism. What would a Fascist America look like? Was Trump Fascist adjacent?

Cultured Thug links: Odysee- Flagbearer of Fascism podcast- socialism debate with Caleb Maupin- libertarian debate with JF Gariepy-

Giovanni Gentile, Origins and Doctrines of Fascism:

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