Revisiting Dirty 2013

Revisiting Dirty 2013

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In 2020 The Cave of Time is by FAR the BEST fastest growing podcast and livestream on all mainstream platforms. Just as a big thank you to all our die hard fans we wanted to go way way back to the origins and humble beginnings of our channel. Today we dust off the nostalgia machine and tune in to a throwback from the glorious artist days of young and optimistic past versions of you co-hosts. We look at the cult hit #dirty2013, and bring you a behind the scenes look into the unquestionable genius of the sensational Toronto hip-hop group The Fun-D-Mentalists and their first and unquestionably influential foray into film. Shout outs to our new listeners in India, shout outs Romanin. Shout Norway, Sweden, Finland, Saudi Arabia, Tanzania, South Africa and all the viewers world wide.

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