Special Guest: Mark RanDoM

Special Guest: Mark RanDoM

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A jester archetype tends to give the impression that they live on the wild side and use outrageous imagery and humour. They are carefree and different, but can be cruel and irresponsible.

Today, more than ever, the role of “The Comic” is a staple in everyman’s mind. Perhaps constant increase of interconnectedness has allowed us all to be more self deprecating and introspective. Has the rise of mental health issues created a society of self-doubting degenerates, with no meaning or direction in life? Or, have we have all learned to relax and make light of hard situations (definitely not)? Whatever the reasons are, one thing is clear: comedy, like everything else, has become a burgeoning business and is now feeling the neverending influence of the Culture War. What role should the modern comedian play? What is safe and what pushes the envelope? In the age of anti-bullying, inclusion, and sensitivity, what is the role for the man who points out all our short-comings-- and smiles at them? Today we sit down with a New Jersey Mark RanDoM and get his takes on cancel culture, current events, the pandemic, and society’s position on comedy in general.

Come one come all to…. The Cave of Time

'life is predetermined and unknown, my purpose is to manifest a destiny over nightmarish fate, im a stand up comedian' -RanDoM

Grab bag Includes: Gina Carano being fired from Disney, Ben Shapiro and The DailyMail's Hollywood insurgence, the Patrick Casey and Nick Fuentes drama, Joe Biden, Donald Trump, and Joe Biden's executive orders

https://www.markrandom.com/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-qOjas3XF_AaFdtNCuhywQ


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Mark RanDoM

Mark RanDoM

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