The Taboo IQ Review, and You Can Too

The Taboo IQ Review, and You Can Too

Show notes

The once interesting subject has become a naughty taboo that no one is allowed to talk about. Some people deny it even exists; others say it means nothing; people argue EQ is more important; whatever you do, don’t say that it's genetic and there is nothing to do about it-- advocate spending money on education! If you talk about this subject at any length, you will quickly hear things like, “anyone can be anything, with enough money and resources, we can make anyone a chemical engineer.” But how true are these statements, why is it so hard for people to understand, why won't anyone research it, and why does it get people thrown out of universities. Why is it illegal to ask someone their IQ in the job interview process? What is going on? What is IQ, what does it mean, can you change it, does it matter, how far will it get you, why is it so taboo? These are the things we will dive into today, before next week we end up at the dumpster fire that is the public discourse on what IQ means for everything that directly affects our live.

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